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The Insurance Services Office announced on October 22nd that the Public Protection Classification of the Oakland-Mapleville Fire District will be upgraded on February 1, 2019
as a result of their survey just completed.

Oakland Mapleville Fire Department | Oakland, RI 02858

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Oakland Mapleville Fire Department Radio Frequencies

Radio Frequencies
Dispatch 154.190
Fireground 1 154.220
Fireground 2 154.325
Repeater Input 151.025

Welcome to the Oakland Mapleville Fire District’s Official website.

Chief’s Message

In today’s technologically advanced world the dissemination of information has become much easier to access thanks to the internet. The internet provides a way to access all types of data anytime from anywhere on several types of devices (computers, phones, tablets, etc.). The Oakland Mapleville Fire District has recognized that easy access to data and useful information is important to our taxpayers and anyone else that may have an interest in how the Oakland Mapleville Fire District operates. So that is why we have created www.OaklandMaplevilleFD.com.

Our goal is to provide useful and informative material on our Fire District operations and general safety information that will help keep our citizens safe. Are you familiar with how a volunteer Fire District operates? Our website will help you learn about our Operating Committee, our Firefighter/EMT’s, the operations, and department structure. If you don’t see something that you are looking for while browsing the site and checking our “FAQs” section, please feel free to contact the station.

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone involved in making this website a reality. All your hard work and countless hours are greatly appreciated not only by myself and the Operating Committee members, but the entire membership of the Oakland Mapleville Fire District and, I’m sure, everyone who visits www.OaklandMaplevilleFD.com.

Thank You,

Chief Joseph E. Bertholic

Oakland Mapleville Fire Department | Oakland, RI 02858


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